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Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 20!

So here is the deal. We have a leap year. That means that there are 29 days in this weird little brother of a month called "February". We have 9 days left. Look at how nicely The Benevolent Beard is coming in. It would be an absolute travesty if we couldn't see this through to June or July or something, or even later... not to mention the money that would be coming in for WINGS Guatemala.

Look here, I did some math: You're a good tipper. You tip $3 on a $10 lunch. You know what, that waitperson would be perfectly okay with a $2 tip, especially if the other dollar is going for a good cause. You can even write an awkward note on the bottom of the receipt, answering a question they probably didn't even have about where the extra $1 went AND plugging The Beard.

I just realized the math there didn't go past "3-1=2", but here is some more number crunching. It only takes $12 to screen a woman for cervical cancer. $12!!!! If you take our February goal of $500, that is 40 women that we are helping this month. There are a ton of other ways the money is spent doing good very effective things, but focus on $12.

Right now, we are at $368. We can do it.

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