The Beard is back in action and ready to get hairier than ever in support of WINGS Guatemala! Follow us on Twitter @BenevolentBeard and @WINGSGuatemala

How To Donate

So you want to donate to a good organization and see a perfectly acceptable man veer his appearance toward that of a homeless man? Then you're in the right spot. You can donate, using your credit card, here:

When you donate, make sure to leave a note in the Honoree field that you are giving to support The Benevolent Beard.  In doing so, not only are you prolonging the majesty that is The Beard, but you are also helping thousands of men and women in rural Guatemala become educated about family planning and gain access to health screenings and other resources that will help pull them out of poverty. On behalf of The Benevolent Beard and WINGS, thanks for your support!