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Friday, March 2, 2012

Starting a New Month!

So, here we are, a full 31 days into The Benevolent Beard. You did good in February - you did real good. We raised $500 for WINGS Guatemala. In case you are wondering what that $500 is doing, check it:

- 25 women receive cervical cancer screening


- 12 men or women receive tubal ligations or vasectomies


- 25 women participate in a workshop to learn how to advocate for their rights


- 10 Youth educators are trained to teach their peers about sexual and reproductive health.

Now that is some good things going on. This month, in March, we are going to focus on the women that WINGS helps. March 8th is International Women's Day, and the whole month is Women's History Month. So, to show support for women, I would like my Bearded Ladies to step forward and donate to the Beard this month!

I am making the goal $500 again, because you suceeded, but you didn't WOW me in February. Lets get rolling! I have already received $50, so that is a great head start!

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